What does it mean to be part of a Boulder Creek HOA?

How many weeds have you pulled in your lifetime, hours spent shoveling snow, maybe mowing your lawn? Well in a Boulder Creek HOA, those tasks are taken care of for you. You get to trade in your time doing those activities for travel, afternoon BBQ’s, or possibly time spent reading your favorite book. With this great freedom does come some compromise? WHAT?? Yes, we admit there is compromise, you don’t have to do the work, but when the work is done and to what standard is determined by the HOA and its members.

Where can I find maintenance obligations and services provided for my community?

Services for your community are outlined in your CC&R documents and in your HOA budget notes. These services may include snow removal, landscape maintenance, exterior home maintenance, exterior painting, and possibly roof maintenance to name a few. 

What is the difference between the maintenance obligations called out in the CC&R’s and the services outlined in the Budget Notes?

Maintenance obligations set forth in the CC&R documents are intended to be the minimum level of service provided by the HOA. These obligations are usually outlined to meet the needs of the community. Communities with large amounts of common areas, common amenities and building elements shared by your neighbor have a greater number of obligations. An example of this type of community would be a townhome or condo community. Driveways, sidewalks and even walls can be shared with other homes in the community. For this reason it is best to share maintenance and services equally amongst all the home owners. The contrasting community might be a community of detached homes. Who owns what and areas of responsibility are easily to identify and allocate to individual units, have less obligation for the HOA.

Items in the budget cover those obligations called for in the CC&R’s plus any additional services the HOA may decide to provide. Examples of additional services might be activities like; window washing, gutter cleaning, holiday decorations, or community events.

Can the maintenance obligations or the services be changed, removed or other services added?

Yes. Maintenance obligations called out in the CC&R documents require approval of 66% of all homeowners to remove, add or modify. Services in the budget, but not in the CC&Rs, can be added and removed by a vote of the board of directors.

Boulder Creek Neighborhoods established both the obligations of the HOA in the CC&R’s as well as any additional services provided in the budget. Please familiarize yourself with these services and obligations for your specific community.   

Who sets the standards for the maintenance obligations and other services?

Initially the scopes of work for the maintenance obligations and services are set by the Boulder Creek Neighborhoods, the declarant. When the board is turned over to the residents of the community the HOA Board of Directors will make these decisions.

When do Residence start filling Board of Director positions?

Community homeowners will start taking over board positions after 50% of the homes in the community have been closed. At this point in time one board member can be elected to the board. The next threshold to add 2 board members will be when the community has closed 75% of the homes. At this point in time 3 of 3 board positions will be filled by homeowners.   

What rules and policies are in place at my community?


Who decides what the policies and procedures are for my community?

Initially policy and procedures are setup by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods, the declarant. It is the intent of the declarant to hold off on making or adding a lot of policy or procedures until homeowners start taking board positions. We have taken this approach to make sure we are not overly influencing the character of the community or the desires of the greater community, which really forms when 75% of the homes are occupied.